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LeBron James continued his celebration last night in Miami after winning his second straight NBA Championship and Finals MVP. The 28-year old all-star, with a bottle of Moet in hand, left the arena wearing a Miami Heat championship snap-back hat by Adidas and an Android Homme gold chains tank top priced only for $65. Nice looking tank top for the summer!

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The 1-of-1 custom-made Balenciaga Arena high-top sneaker made for the King himself, LeBron James, via his stylist Rachel Johnson. What makes these different from other Balenciaga Arena sneakers is that this particular 1-of-1 features a basket woven leather upper with a patent leather toe cap and back heel. What do you think of Lebron’s exclusive sneaker? I personally need this pair LeBron, even if you are a size 16!

balenciaga arena sneakers
Paisley prints? Spring trend! I just love it when celebrities follow them! They have to right? At the NBA Press Conference, LeBron James wears a Givenchy Paisley Airplane Print T-Shirt under a green blazer, and with Balenciaga Arena Sneakers. Sophisticated. Period. Poise.

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Every celebrity has been sporting Givenchy like it’s the last clothing line on Earth! Lebron James has been seen in the designer wear multiple times! This time he wears the Givenchy Airplane print pullover hoodie ($1,170) to Real Sports Bar and Grill in Toronto to have some quality time with buddy Dwayne Wade who looked fly too!


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The heart of the court wears his own line to the NBA Slam Dunk Contest. His ensemble also included En Noir Sweatpants ($1,299), Balenciaga Sneakers ($545), Sunshades, and a wrist watch.

With his own piece being free, the Balenciaga sneakers and En Nior sweatpants total up to $1,844. I personally love the crisp white sneakers and how they contrast with the black sweatpants. Contrasting is a trend of Spring 2013, so kudos to LeBron for being hip!



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Since he was not playing, Lebron decided to wear a Marcelo Burton County of Milan Gio t-shirt ($200) and camoflauge shorts to a NCAA game. Lebron attended the game with Dwayne Wade who was also dressed in a camoflauge shirt matching Lebron’s shorts. Both gentlemen were superfly and well groomed. Definitely a good look.


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